The guide to discover asian food

The guide to discover asian food

There is a tendency to think that Asian cuisine is not varied enough to choose from and is not really good for health. This is false since Asian cuisine is one of the richest and most varied cuisines in the world.

Indeed, it brings together several countries such as Japan, India, China, Pakistan. A cuisine with a thousand flavors and many different ways of cooking that brings many health benefits. If you taste it for the first time, you will surely find at least two dishes to your liking.

The food you should not miss

Like all countries with their own culinary culture, the majority of typically Asian dishes are rich in the following food: ­

  • Fennel seed: which contributes to the proper functioning of the stomach. It is mainly used as herbal tea. It is also mixed with stir-fried curry meals to bring more flavor. ­
  • Sweet potato: cooked al dente in sautéed dish, steamed or baked, as desired. It contains beneficial fibers for the spleen. ­
  • The seeds of green soy: intervene in the fight against water retention. They are mixed with raw vegetables or the basic daily dishes and allow the elimination of toxins from the body. ­
  • Miso: a powerful probiotic with various enzymes that play an important role in the body; drinking it on a daily basis is recommended. ­
  • Ginger: widely used in various dishes in the form of powder or chopped, mixed with vegetables or directly on meat. It is known for its virtue to reduce the risks of cancer.

Easy to prepare

By entering the words "Asian cuisine", you will get various results ranging from blogs or books to online videos. In order for your spouse or family to travel for gastronomy tour in the heart of Asia, the best thing to do is to follow the instructions literally, especially if this is your first culinary experience.

Choosing the restaurants located in town or those with the "Asian specialty” is essential for those who desire to taste the real Asian food. For you to find restaurants quickly, eDreams is ready to help you. It offers various restaurants according to your position and options. eDreams also offers products to quickly learn Asian cuisine in no time.

Ideal for losing weight

With Asian gastronomy, losing weight is no big deal; get rid of extra pounds and keep fit while enjoying the good taste of this special cuisine. Thanks to its composition using fresh vegetables and vegetable oil, and the consumption of tea, you can have a healthy and balanced diet every day. For short, here are their techniques: ­

  • Eat nutrient-rich food at breakfast: eat an omelet, Chinese cabbage, miso soup and if that is not enough to last until noon, add grilled salmon. ­
  • Using chopsticks: it seems unlikely that it is a really efficient way for weight loss, it is proven that eating with chopsticks reduces appetite and facilitates digestion. ­
  • Reducing the consumption of meat and increasing that of raw vegetables: this is important in order to reduce the accumulation of fat and to be safe from vascular diseases. The crudités, which are rich in fiber, will affect digestion. That is why Asian people opt for wok and steam cooking.