The asian inspiration in european cooking

The asian inspiration in european cooking

Cuisine is one of the most interesting things that travelers love about Asia. Apart from the spicy taste of Asian food, many other ways of cooking are widely appreciated by many people from all around the world.

If you have already tasted European dishes cooked by Asians, you may notice that the taste doesn't resemble to European dishes in Europe. The difference is seen in the use of ingredients, the way of cooking and the taste. In the other words, many of Asian cooking styles have been spread in European countries and take a very important significance in Western cuisine. This article will be explaining more about the Asian inspiration in European cooking.

Some Asian inspiration in European cooking

  • The use of spices

Many European people traveling to Asian countries never forget to bring Asian spices back from their holidays or other kind of trips. This is because the use of the spices is one of the main reasons why people love Asian dishes. Asian countries also export a wide range of spices to many European countries like France. Consequently, many Asian styles have been implemented in Europe and take a very important role in European culinary art. Many of them have become part of cooking habits that Europeans use in their daily life.

  • The use of soy sauce

Even if western and eastern countries are all making efforts on developing the way of cooking, imitation is also one of the quickest ways why Asian cooking is spread in Europe. Soy sauce is now really popular in Europe. Most of European countries use it while preparing meals. Grain was the most easily available and manageable preserved food in China.

This made soy sauce one of the most important elements that Chinese people commonly use while cooking. After penetrating in other Asian countries like Japan, the use of soy sauce was also introduced in Europe as a cooking trend. So it has become common in recent years.

  • The way of cooking

Asian way of cooking has become very popular in many European restaurants. The style has penetrated to Europe thanks to tourism and other kinds of migration. Asians are used to cooking food with low temperature, using a high temperature for stir-fried food, stewing food at a low heat, marinating in sauces,... This to keep the food nutritious after the preparation. Many European countries are deeply inspired by these ways of cooking and apply them in their food preparations for better flavor and health.

  • The way of preparing seafood

Asian inspiration is also remarkable in some cases of seafood preparation when you travel to European countries. You can notice it when eating in a European restaurant and order seafood-based dishes such as prawns, mollusks or sushi. Many people appreciate it and consider it as a new trend of cooking that follows the world standard.

Experiencing Asian cuisine

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