The most weird asian delicacies for european tourists

The most weird asian delicacies for european tourists

Traveling is about discovering new adventures and cultures. When you travel to a new place, it is also to experience that nothing is better than tasting local foods. In some countries, food can be uncommon or weird for some people.

However, for the others, they are delicious. In Asia, there are many varieties of weird foods that make the Asians special and creative people.

Uncommon meals

Even if Asian food is healthy, fresh and balanced, it's not usual for people, especially for tourists to appreciate some of these meals. Here are some of the weirdest Asian delicacies for European tourists. 

  • Smelly tofu: It is cheese made of soy milk. Wherever you go in China or in the southern Asia, you can buy these small cubes of fermented tofu. Even from the distance, you can smell the fermented tofu. 
  • Drunken shrimp: No cooking, just shrimps in fresh water soaked with strong alcohol called "baijiu". The shrimp heads and shells are pulled out and the body is eaten directly. 
  • Wasp crackers: Wasps could be eaten by boiling them. After that, drain the wasps and mix them with spices. As like biscuits, wasp crackers are made for snacks and it is simple to make wasp crackers. 
  • Live octopus tentacles: As its nomenclature, it's alive octopus. Being a famous dish in Korea, tentacles have fish taste and more flesh to eat. You have to be careful when you eat this delicacy because tentacles can stick to any surface they touch. 
  • Brain: It is a cultural dish in some countries in Asia like Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh or China. Animals' brain are served cooked or fried. The edible animal brain varies from a country to another. It can be pigs' brains or monkeys' brains. 
  • Fried tarantulas: These are the big arachnids, the black hairy ones. They are seasoned with garlic and salt and just fried after. It is a real delicacy in Asia. 
  • Tuna eyes: Tuna is usual for tourists but who ever thought that its eyes could be cooked separately? The Japanese culinary culture makes it possible for those who like to experiment new taste and exotic food. 
  • Bull penis soup: Widespread in Asia, this soup is considered as healthy and aphrodisiac especially for men. It is prepared from the bull penis with some legumes like potatoes, beans, carrots, and vegetables like celery and leek. It tastes special.

Try these interesting foods

Travelers over the world are looking forward to unusual experience, especially in food. Asian foods are the best to taste because they have more taste and flavors. Nevertheless, choosing is not as easy as it seems.

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Asian foods are healthy because of their natural and fresh and even wild diet. To eat more bio, here is a piece of good advice: travel and explore Asian countries. Foods are exotic and more interesting in this continent. Book your flights, let eDreams organize your trip and get the best culinary experience.